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What Our Clients Say About WineCrush?

Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Great selection of Champagnes and wines an exclusive prices. It is really a no brainer! I love this new Modern way to buy wines!


Winecrush founder Patricia is a real wine connoisseur and the resident queen of wine in Barcelona. I've joined many of Patricia’s wine tastings and come to appreciate her fine wine palate and deep expertise in the best sparkling, white and red wines in Europe and overseas. Now I’m very grateful and excited to be an early adopter of her new wine club Winecrush which enables me to buy outstanding wines handpicked by Patricia at very attractive prices, usually below the leading online shops. Let’s buy and enjoy good wines together at Winecrush.


Great wine selection with very cool and easy-to-understand explanations. Love it!


WineCrush is super cool! Love the wine selected for me!! Perfect way to discover new wines.


Frequently Asked Questions​

If you have more questions just chat with us!

What types of wines are you offering?

You will see only TOP wines from Great, to Premium and Super Premium, including some Rare and hard to find bottles. Only TOP wines that we have tried, we loved them, and we negotiate directly with the wineries to bring them to you to taste.


Initially will be mostly Spanish Wines with some French and Italian too. Soon Top Wines from around the world will be offered.


And remember, the more WineCrush members we are, the better deals we will manage to get for you all!!

Can I see the offers before registering?

Sorry, you cannot see the offers before. The moment you register (and it is free till April 2024) you will start receiving them, and then you can decide how many, if any you want to buy. We know you will not be disappointed!

Are the offers personalized for me?

We will ask you some questions and will personalize the offers to your preferences!!! And over time, depending on what you buy and how you rate those wines, the more we will personalize the offers to you!!


And we are so sure that you will have a Crush on those wines, that if for whatever reason you don’t like the wine, you can return us back the rest of the bottles you bought of that reference (return delivery charges might apply)

What happens if at some point I have guests with different tastes?

No worries, even if we will pre-select the best wines for your taste, if you choose so, you will be able to see all the offers available and select more “all-pleasers” types of wines.

What happens if I don’t want to buy?

No problem, there is no commitment of purchase. You can decide not to buy anything for several weeks or months. It would be a pitty since you will be missing great offers, but we understand that sometimes the cellar is full. WineCrush has total flexibility.

Where do the wines come from and how do you get this prices?

We have developed strong networks with Wineries and some Merchants, and we can source these great deals for two reasons:

  • Discovery Deals – Top Wines that we have tried, and we loved, and we want you to try them and have the same Crush!! – The 20-30% discount is to avoid you finding excuses.
  • ‘Last Bottle’ Deals – Great discounts (35-50%) on Top Wines with great reviews where there are very limited bottles left on a specific vintage.

How much is the membership fee?

Until April 2024 is totally free!!!


After that, we hope you will have seen how much value you obtain with WineCrush deal, and we will ask you to pay a membership fee of 29€ per trimester or an annual fee of 79€. Just buying 1-2 bottles every trimester will compensate it!


We have very little margin on each wine, so that subscription will ensure that we can keep sourcing Top wines with great deals for you!

How much is the delivery cost?

You will receive your box with 1 to 6 bottles for €6.90 in Spain (excluding Islands), and €0.5 more for any additional bottle from there. Delivery to Balearic and Canary Islands is €9.90 for 1 to 6 bottles and €0.9 for any additional bottle.


You can also select to pick it up for free at our offices in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona.

We can also deliver to any other country in the European Union – talk directly to your WineCrush Advisor to learn about transport tariffs.

Is there a minimum wine box size?

We can ship any number of wines to you, but we really recommend multiple of 3 boxes in order to make logistics more efficient.

How long does the delivery take?

Most orders will be delivered within 3-4 working days since the moment you pay the order. In the case it will take longer, it will be clearly stated the delivery dates range in the offer. In case you need it for a special event before that, please let us know and we will do our best to offer you a solution.

Can you store the wines for me?

If you don’t have that much space at home to store the wines, or for whatever other reason you want to keep buying deals but don’t want to have them delivered right away, no problem. We will store the wines for you for free for 2 months, and then a small fee will apply (available soon).

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